SAAS Online Business- Here is the best way to do it!!!

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Introduction to SAAS

This area is where not many people are embarking on. Maybe not many people know how to or maybe do not have the knowledge or expertise of doing a SAAS online business.

Software As A Service or in short SAAS is simply an online software or an online service that you pay to use (SAAS definition). As the current era and situation of the current world are shifting the world to move everything online, you, an average joe, can also make it, though with little knowledge of know-how.

SAAS architecture is quite different from the conventional architecture, for your information. It is far simpler.

This is why we are here, to give you some opportunities and tips on how you start your online business with SAAS, providing you with a guide on the SAAS business model and making money with it.

This is one way of making money with digital marketing. It is a powerful digital marketing tool and digital marketing strategy.

To name of a few big-tech giants that are in the SAAS space are Oracle, Microsoft, SAP and many others. The tech giants are also shifting their business model to SAAS which is SAAS Cloud.

What is a SAAS company? Here we will explore further what SAAS can do.

One of the good SAAS for healthcare

This is a low profile but really good SAAS application, especially in the healthcare sector. It is called Healthtics. It is a cloud-based application or a SAAS, that is able to run a clinic. This is a good example of the SAAS model.

SAAS Healthtics

This SAAS application is super easy to use for doctors and nurses. As a business owner of a clinic, assuming you just open a clinic, all you need is 2-3 personal computers (PC), and 2-3 printers. Then you just need to download Healthtics application and you can instantly use it.

Healthtics has complete functionality and features to run all types of clinics, group clinics and even a dentist clinic. The flow from registration to doctor’s diagnosis up to dispensing medication and onto billing is available readily on the shelf of the application.

SAAS healthtics modules

What is nice about Healthtics is that, they are simple, secured, highly customizable, cloud computing and able to scale to a Hospital Information System (HIS). This is a fantastic application for Healthcare.

SaaS Marketing is Different

Marketing is difficult.

But how do you market something that does not have a physical presence? Or are you marketing something that is always changing? Or are you marketing something with a ridiculous name? Or is it better to market something that only about 20 B2B companies will be interested in? Or are you marketing something that makes no sense to the average person?

The world of SaaS marketing is not for the faint of heart. It is difficult. And it is fundamentally distinct from almost every other type of marketing that the world is aware of.

Today, we would like to highlight some of those distinctions. To highlight some of the inherent benefits of SaaS marketing, which may help you do your marketing job a little bit better.

Giving away free stuff is actually a good thing

You would not give away a lot of free stuff if you were selling physical goods. A few complimentary samples for the retail store? Maybe. A direct mail promotion accompanied by a sliver of a sample? Maybe.

However, giving away the entire product? Never!

However, this is exactly what SaaS marketing should do. One of the most common and widely accepted SaaS marketing strategies is to provide a free product or service. The “free trial” is a strategic marketing strategy for acquiring and onboarding SaaS customers.

There are dozens of iterations of the free model: free trial, trial-to-paid, trial with credit card information, trial without credit card information, freemium model, 90-day free trial, limited version free, and so on. The most common feature is that it is free. The oil of the SaaS marketing engine is free.

You will notice this almost everywhere you look. If you are looking for a SaaS product, chances are you will find a free trial option somewhere.

The sales cycle is remarkably short for SAAS

Long sales cycles are synonymous with “B2B sales.” Some businesses view a 12-month sales cycle as a quick process.

However, in the world of SaaS, a year is like an eternity.

Rapid sales are essential in SaaS sales. This was written by Peter Cohen, managing partner of SaaS Marketing Strategy Advisors.

There will be no schmoozing, expensive sporting events, fancy wine tastings, or teeing off at a pricey golf club. Purchasing SaaS is a quick, transactional, and completed process.

The nature of software is one of the factors that contribute to the speed of the process. Software is a constantly changing field, with constant changes, advances, and setbacks. If a sales process lasted six months, the software would go through at least twelve iterations during that time.

Self-service SaaS is also a fast-paced purchasing environment. According to Joel York, the low cost and low complexity of most modern SaaS allow for simple decision-making.

Some buyers may be wary of a short sales cycle, especially if they are accustomed to the sluggish pace of non-software purchases. When marketing, you should provide as much reassurance and information as possible. But don’t get too worked up if you lose a few sales because the buyer “isn’t ready.” There will be plenty of other buyers who are prepared to make a decision in five minutes or less.

Your greatest asset is your information

Information is essential in SaaS marketing.

It is amazing how fundamental this is, yet how often it goes unnoticed. Consider some of your favourite blogs and information sources for a moment. Do you realise that much of that information comes from either SaaS vendors or SaaS providers?

Consider the example of Buffer. Their well-known blog is actually an information product designed to supplement their social media service. They do want you to read their blog. But, perhaps, more importantly, they want you to try their product.

Hubspot is an excellent example of an information provider. Hubspot’s marketing power is derived from its information prowess.

Consider yourself in terms other than “marketer” if you are a B2B SaaS marketer. Consider yourself an industry savant — someone who possesses and disseminates information.

If you are blogging, tweeting, talking, posting, thinking, speaking, or doing your job in any other way, you should be spreading information. The majority of SaaS is designed to provide information. As a result, the primary responsibility of the SaaS marketer should be to provide information that leads to a source of more information — the SaaS product.

Your customers are long-term

The majority of your revenue comes from existing SaaS customers. According to Gartner, a full 80% of all future revenue will come from a mere 20% of your current customers. According to Bain & Co. researchers, increasing customer retention by just 5% can increase your company’s profitability by 75%.

Customer retention is more important in the SaaS industry than in any other. In his article, Christopher Janz makes the point that understanding your customer retention percentages and lifetime value is critical to SaaS marketing success.

When you tabulate and analyse the data, the true power and value of customer retention become abundantly clear.

There is power in retention, and you will want to prioritise retention over customer acquisition.

You are not selling a product as much as you are a service

SaaS is an abbreviation for “Software as a Service.” Sometimes we can place a premium on service. Yes, the software must be significant, faultless, powerful, and amazing. However, service must be held up as a model of virtue.

“When creating your SaaS marketing plan, you must understand that your business model of choice is a fully-integrated architecture where all aspects of the business — product, support, revenue model, and marketing — are tightly-coupled,” wrote Lincoln Murphy.

SaaS frequently bows to the mighty developers and programmers. Those people are unquestionably significant. However, the service providers — help desk, sales, bloggers, marketers, and so on — make up the SaaS’s front-facing service component.

This has far-reaching consequences for how you spend your time and money. By promoting your service, you can sell your SaaS. Keep customer satisfaction at the forefront of your mind when planning and strategizing. Maintain a high level of contact with existing customers. You could even send them a cake if you wanted to.

Your goal is to get your SaaS to sell itself

We have made SaaS marketing more difficult than it needs to be.

So, what are the most important considerations?

It is simple. Prepare for it. There are just two.

  1. Awesome products.
  2. Killer support.

When you focus on those two aspects, the rest of your marketing takes care of itself!

You are probably going to be sceptical until you see it for yourself. Create that insanely cool software. Provide home-run customer service, with or without chocolate cakes, and watch your life improve.

Just as software evolves, so does the SaaS marketing process. This article will most likely be out of date in a few months.

As it turns out, SaaS marketing shares some characteristics with other types of marketing, but nowhere is the integration as tight and symbiotic as in SaaS marketing.

Elements To Make A Great SAAS

It is difficult to create a useful and beautiful website. It takes a significant amount of time, thoughts and energy. In the end, visitors may not even enjoy it.

Here we will give you some guidance on how to make your SaaS website better.

Above the Fold Value Proposition

Simply put, the value proposition communicates: What distinguishes your company? What do you do better than everyone else? It is your one-sentence selling point to the visitor that sums up your entire product.

Follow this formula to create your value proposition:

In one sentence, combine what your company does and what it does best. That is to say:

what you do + why you do it best = value proposition

Take some time to consider your team’s unique value proposition. Make a list of your favourites and narrow it down. Then, run A/B tests on them. Choose the one with the highest conversion rate and stick with it.

Call to Action

The call to action on a website instructs the user to take some action. Most websites use a call-to-action button to encourage users to sign up. The majority of the buttons say “Sign Up Now.”

Test your call to action; some people like to ask for an email address in exchange for a free trial. Others require users to sign in via Facebook or Twitter. Others include a “See Our Pricing” button. Finally, you’ll notice some with a “Get Started” button.

Perform some testing to determine which call-to-action message is most effective!

Pictures of the Product

Can you imagine ever purchasing a product without first seeing it? I certainly do not see myself doing so, and I doubt I am alone. That is why your website requires images of your software.

Some people will want to read about your features, while others will want to see them; however, the majority will want both. Write about a feature and then demonstrate how it appears in your software.


Video can accomplish things that pictures and words cannot. They allow the visitor to watch rather than read. Many premium video hosting services also provide analytics, allowing websites to determine how much content a visitor consumed. A well-made video can also improve the user experience.

Finally, a short video of 30 seconds to one minute in length can help the user understand your product much faster than words and pictures can.

Video does not have to be expensive. It is sufficient to use a computer microphone and screen capturing software.

You can use free services like YouTube or Vimeo if your company does not want to pay for video hosting and analytics.

Please see our infographic on how to increase video viewership. There are some great tips for making a video that will keep your visitors interested despite their short attention spans.

You can opt to use a free video tool like Flexclip or InVideo. These two articles can get you to start fast:

Easy to Find Contact Information

Not everyone who visits your website will take the time to look for the “Contact Us” button. Many people will leave your website if they can not find it right away. This is why it is critical to prominently display your phone number on your homepage. You may be able to increase conversions and sales.

Contact information is typically displayed at the top or bottom of a webpage. Make yours visible and clear wherever you decide to post it. Visitors should be able to find your phone number quickly, preferably without having to look for it.


Some visitors want to try your product right away without committing to a trial period. Visitors want to be able to try out a product right away without having to do any technical work.

Demos are best served when they are just a click away. Visitors who are visiting your site for the first time should be able to access your demos within a few minutes of arriving. Make it clear, simple, and easy to understand.

Try upselling users who use your demo by including a small text box reminding them that they can sign up for a free trial.

Free Trials

There is a free trial available for those who want to use their data and test your product with their business. Most trials last two to four weeks and do not necessitate the use of a credit card. Netflix is a company that has long allowed users to try their product for a month before deciding whether or not to renew their subscription. Almost all SaaS companies also provide a free trial.

It is worth noting that this pink-ish button appears on every page. The majority of businesses place it on the homepage, landing page, and/or pricing page.

The Essentials

So, your SaaS product is the best money can buy. It outperforms your competitor in every way, costs less, and has a far superior user interface. But what about everything else that comes with the product? What about the service, the speed and uptime, the team, and the security?

All of these people are involved in the activities of your product. They are inextricably linked to your product and must be cared for. They can also be used as a selling point in some cases.


How frequently do you hear people complain about poor service?

If you are anything like me, it is probably quite frequently, almost every day. People will complain about poor service, whether it is online or offline. The interesting thing is that you do not hear much praise for service because it is expected.

Companies appear to be praised only for service that goes above and beyond the expected standard.

If I asked you:

What companies are great at service?

You would probably respond with a company like Rackspace, Zappos, L.L. Bean, or a company you have personally dealt with. Companies like Target, Best Buy, and Netflix are unlikely to come to mind.

Why? Because these companies provide good customer service, not great or terrible. They get the job done and get you what you want.

Simply put, to be noticed, you must be on one end of the spectrum or the other. Either bad or great. Good is fine, but people will not remember your service and you will not become known for it. You will just make it. However, it is preferable to having poor service.

This is why service is important: Visitors to your website are interested in knowing what kind of service they can expect. Visitors may assume that if you do not write anything, you do not value it.

Some ideas:

  • Post-service testimonials on your support page.
  • Show pictures of the people behind your service and support team.
  • State the channels for reaching you (i.e., telephone, email, social media, etc).
  • Share any service awards that you have earned.
  • Tell the visitor your average response time and average resolution time. Vbulletin has done something similar in the past.

Secrets on how to have your own SAAS

You can have your own SAAS by developing your own application and hosting it on a cloud-based hoster like DigitalOcean. This is a good web application host. You can also explore Bluehost as it is also good and cheap or even you can explore Hostinger as it is one of the cheapest in the market.

If you are not technical and can not do programming, you might hire or ask someone to do the programming based on your idea. You can find freelancers on Fiverr for this. Once your SAAS application is ready then you can host it on the mentioned host company like DigitalOcean, Bluehost or Hostinger. Do explore this Webhosting concurrently with your SAAS application development.

The two options above may cost you a lot of money and time to develop the SAAS application from scratch.

The alternative way for SAAS

Now, if you don’t have much money and time, this is where you can get your SAAS application. The good news is you do not have to develop one or learn to program, or even hire a programmer.

You can simply buy SAAS software for as little as $40-$50. So you are building an online business for only $50! It is that simple. You can search and find it on Codecanyon.

You can purchase software from and you can find any software for about $30 to $50.

SAAS codecanyon

In the PHP scripts section, search for SAAS, and you will find a lot of systems ready to use.

saas codecanyon functions

There are different price ranges, but you can easily find cheap SAAS services that you simply need to buy, deploy on your server, and then own the business.

saas codecanyon example

There are many different kinds of SAAS software for sale. Some examples include discount networks, accounting and billing tools, email marketing systems, and even employee management tools.

saas codecanyon example 2

Think it through

Take your time browsing the services and choose the one you like best, the one that fits you and you feel that you can be successful with. Once you are ready, your SAAS services will be publicly available.

Now you will be the owner of a SAAS service, and people will subscribe to your service and pay you monthly recurring payments.

Let’s say you have 100 customers using your SAAS service, and let’s say your service costs around $10 a month; that means you would get $1000/month.

So we have gone over the main idea, purchase and set up your SAAS business.

Now we get to the harder part, marketing.


I will start with the most important tip. Read on as this may change your life and even change the way you think.

I believe that in any online business project or any business 70% of the project is marketing and 30% is the creation of the project itself.

So getting the service, hosting it, and making everything available is 30% of the project.

Now the remaining 70%, marketing and getting your first customers, is the next step.

This will be a bit hard for you at first if you are a beginner. But don’t worry, you can explore more on my blog on Guide for beginners in Digital Marketing.

Some more important tips

First, always offer a free plan inside your service or a free trial like 7 days or 14 days.

Anyone can subscribe and test your service because, without a free trial, it will be harder for you to get your first customers. Whereas if you have a free trial and promote it, you will get many sign-ups.

After capturing the leads, you can use email marketing to market your premium plans, and so on. So remember to always offer a free plan for your customers.

Tips on ads

Another aspect that I want to shed light on is ads.

It is beneficial to set aside a small monthly budget for ads like Facebook ads or Google ads to promote your SAAS business.

For example, if you want, you can start at $50 or even just $30 a month to promote your service. But do not run any ad campaigns before you learn about marketing!

Why you need to learn about digital marketing

It is important to learn about digital marketing first so that you do not waste any money.

Around four years ago, a friend wasted on Facebook almost $10,000 for nothing. That was back when he started testing ads without learning about Facebook ads, but at some point, he stopped, and start learning.

I read documents, read blog posts, and took around 50 courses on digital marketing to get all the knowledge I needed before using ads.

You should not waste your time or money when you want to promote your services with ads; spending some time learning about digital marketing will go a long way.

Some of the Best Affiliate marketing websites and other websites

  1. Amazon Affiliate
  5. Bluehost Affiliate Program
  6. Paypal and Payoneer
  7. Bluehost web hosting
  8. Google Adsense

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